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Yarn appeal [Nov. 1st, 2008|04:55 am]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

This is a long shot, but I need more yarn than I thought for a blanket I'm knitting - and naturally I'm using a discontinued shade of a discontinued yarn... :)

Has anyone got any balls of jaeger extra fine merino chunky, shade 28 lying around that you don't need? (It's sort of dark teal, blueish-green. Or greenish-blue :)

I'm happy to pay for them incl. p&p, or if you prefer a swap.


(cross-posted to brit_knits)
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Yarn! [Jun. 3rd, 2008|06:55 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell
Here's all my coned yarn!

I've put rough prices on them. The price does include shipping and paypal fees. Some of the yarns do already have prices on them from when I bought them, but obviously I can't sell them at that price, otherwise I'd be put of pocket when it comes to shipping.

I will do discounts on multiple purchases! I prefer to be paid via paypal, but I'll take cheques too.

35 yarns for your viewing pleasure!Collapse )
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Machine Yarn [May. 25th, 2008|08:59 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell
I'm trying to downsize my collection of yarn/fabric/trimmings and whatnot, so I was wondered if anybody here would be interested in some knitting machine yarn.
That is, yarn on cones, (some of them HUGE), mostly lace/cobweb weight in a variety of colours. I'm happy to let them go for the cost of postage + paypal fees.

And a knitting machine too. It's a Brother, with a colour changer and a ribber. It'd be a lot to post, so pick up would be better (I'm in Suffolk).

Let me know!
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I'm in need of.... [May. 25th, 2008|10:21 am]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

.....sock wool/4ply oddments, as tiny as 5-10g! Any fibre content, any colour/stripe pattern! 

You can email me: info @ missbell.co.uk or just comment....

Thankyou in advance! 
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Bernat Super Stripes up for grabs [May. 15th, 2008|07:54 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

(Also posted in Brit_Knits)

I have 5 skeins of Bernat Super Stripes in the pink and black colourway. This is an aran/bulky yarn, 182yards to 100g, acrylic/polyester. It's actually quite a nice yarn, soft and with a slight boucle texture to it. It self-stripes with a long repeat.

I'm destashing this mostly because I just don't like knitting with chunky yarn. It makes my wrists ache. There's enough here to make a pullover, or a truly spectacular giant scarf if anyone knows any punks who need scarves!

4 skeins are intact, one has been partially knit and frogged. I'm happy to swap for yarn or books, and am open to other suggestions!

Ravelry yarn library page is here:
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Brown Wool [May. 14th, 2008|04:36 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

Hiya, I am really in need of a small quantity of dark brown, chunky pure wool (suitable for felting so not super wash). Anyone got some leftovers they could sell me? I'm making mock dreads for a doll, so don't need much.
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sock yarn swap [Dec. 3rd, 2007|12:27 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell
I bought some sock yarn at the knitting show and i think my decision was affected by the volumes of yarn available... It really wouldn't suit my sister's style.

Yarn to swap: 100g Fortissima Socka with Bamboo (60% superwash wool, 25% bambo 15% nylon)
colour way 10 (Lagoon as seen on WebofWool)

Swap for enough yarn for a pair of socks in plain colours/bold stripes (greens preferably, other colour considered) DK/sockweight

ETA: need this swap asap, as I want to get them knitted for christmas!
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450g Black Fuzz! (Similar to Sirdar Snowflake Chunky) [Sep. 24th, 2007|04:46 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

Does anyone want 450g of a raggy textured black yarn?
I bought it as a substitute for Sirdar Snowflake to make the Bam 13 jumper from Stitch & Bitch Nation, then changed my mind.  The wool has been sitting in my stash since this time last year now!

Ideally I'd like to swap for medium amounts of aran and dk... scraps but usable, maybe odd leftover full and partial balls.  Also I could do with some small amounts of textured yarns in greys/blacks/whites and in reds/burgundies to make more scarves like these,  but I realise this is very specific so I am open to offers!
x-posted to brit_knits and personal Journal... hope that's ok?
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Sirdar Yo-Yo up for grabs [Sep. 22nd, 2007|07:45 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell
[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

Hi guys,

I've got a ball of Sirdar Yo-Yo in Nocturne, which is the deep blue-grey and black colourway (Yarndex shade card here - I call it the "goth shade"!). It still has the ball band with the free pattern - a round-neck sweater on this one. I'm looking to swap it for anything mohair, especially Sirdar Blur. I'll consider most colours and mixed lots as I want it for making Christmas presents!

The Yo-Yo balls go for about £17.50 and I bought it new, so I'd like to get reasonable value out of the swap if possible :)
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Aran...! [Sep. 16th, 2007|12:00 pm]
Uk Only Yarn Swap and Sell

Hi guys! I'm in need of aran yarn, in any colours, oddments and full balls in acrylic, wool, and acrylic/wool blends, I have lots to swap....!
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